Food Safety is one of our top priorities at O-G Packing and Cold Storage Company. We have gone to great measures to ensure that our products meet regulations from the orchards, where the fruit is harvested, until the moment it leaves our facility.
  In the Orchards
      We have nearly 3,000 acres of cherry orchards, and counting, enrolled in the GlobalGAP program. GlobalGAP is a Global Food Safety Initiative strategy that encompasses Good Agricultural Practices with an emphasis on conservation, employee protection, and sustainability.  
  In the Packing Plant
      O-G has an established management team to enforce strict food safety standards in order to be compliant with the Global Food Safety Initiative Scheme. Our Food Safety Team meets regularly, always looking for ways to improve and implement new aspects of our Food Safety program. We take great pride in our facility and our Food Safety program and will continue to implement only the best practices in order to ensure the best for our customers.

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