Our Family:

The Gotelli family emigrated from Italy in the early 1900's to settle and plant cherries along the Calaveras River in California. The company started as Oneto-Gotelli Company and has been in the cherry packing business for over 60 years. The "O-G" brand became synonymous with California cherries and in 1971, the company name was changed to O-G Packing Company to better coincide with our popular label.

The ingenuity of Al Gotelli led to the development and the patenting of the first mechanical cluster cutter to separate the stems of cherries. The machinery is still used today and led to an expansion in the market by helping to keep the costs of packing cherries modest.

Our Growers:

O-G Packing also represents an outstanding group of professional sweet cherry and blueberry growers throughout California and the Pacific Northwest. O-G could not exist as a successful business without the plentiful supply of fresh nutritious fruit from our grower clients.

  Our Business:

Our business is family owned and operated, and represents three generations of experience in the California and international fruit business with a clear specialization in sweet cherries, blueberries, and apricots. Our company is fortunate to have a well-trained and proficient group of management and staff professionals to cater to your needs.

O-G Packing has been an innovator by designing and utilizing half-sized picking bins, as well as integrating hydrocooling and other rapid cooling and cold chain systems into the packing operation. Continued innovation is the hallmark of O-G Packing, we are always looking for ways to improve fruit quality and service our customers with the best fruit from California and the Pacific Northwest. O-G Packing distributes fruit to Asia, Europe, Oceania, North, South and Central America.

O-G Packing employs over 2000 workers during the season and packs well over 1 million boxes of cherries during a normal growing season.

Vernon Gogna

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